This is the official website for the LIFE+ project "Baltic Actions for the reduction
of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances" (BaltActHaz)
which was implemented by the NGO Baltic Environmental Forum and 17 partners
from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from 1 January 2009 to 30 June 2012.

By today the project has ended and the project Team would like to thank everybody
who contributed to the successful implementation of its activities. We are very happy
that the project activities and results have been widely acknowledged by state authorities
in the Baltic states and deemed to be very successful and useful. 


About the project

The objective of the project was
to contribute to the protection of
the Baltic Sea through strengthening
the cooperation between different state institutions in the field of hazardous substance management, more efficient enforcement of legislation and the raising of awareness of different stakeholders regarding hazardous substances and the possibilities for reducing pollution.

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The project was co-financed by
the European Commission’s LIFE+ Programme, the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre, the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.




Kertu-Kirit Sild
Project Manager
Tel.: +372 6597 028
Fax: +372 6597 027

Valters Toropovs
Country Coordinator
Tel.: +371 6735 7546
Fax: +371 6750 7071

Justė Buzelytė
Country Coordinator
Tel.: +370 5213 8155
Fax: +370 5213 5068 

The project “Baltic Actions for the reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances” (BaltActHaz) is co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community /Project nr. LIFE07 ENV EE 000122/.