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LIFE+ project "Baltic Actions for the reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances" (BaltActHaz) has ended. 
(Duration: 1 January 2009 to 30 June 2012)



Date: 2-3 May, 2012
Place: Hotel "Holiday Inn", Vilnus, Lithuania
Target group: State authorities responsible for chemicals management; National CLP helpdesks; Controlling authorities of classification and labelling; Representatives of enterprises.


Date: 12-13 April 2012
Place: Europa City Hotel Amrita, Liepāja, Rīgas str 7/9, Liepāja, Latvia
Target group: shipyard representatives, authorities responsible for chemical substances, representatives from metal processing industry

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Date: 6-7 March, 2012
Place: Algridas City Hotel, Vilnus, Lithuania

Aims of the event was to introduce the updated results of hazardous substances source tracking; discuss the proposals for improvements of state monitoring programmes; discuss the recommendations for reduction measures of hazardous substances; share experience about the potential general and substance specific measures for reduction what shall be taken to be in compliance with WFD and HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan requirements.

Agenda and presentations added below!
Event report will be uploaded as soon as it is available.




Date: 2 – 3 February 2012
Place: Clarion Hotel Euroopa Tallinn, Estonia
Participants: representatives from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian State Institutions. Special guests and speakers from Finland and European Comission.

Aims of the seminar were to inform the stakeholders about the changes in the IPPC system introduced by IED and to present time frame of the changes, to discuss about stakeholders readiness for changes, share experience which actions shall be taken to be in compliance with IED requirements and discuss how changes affect permitting of hazardous substances to the aquatic environment.

Report, presentations and pictures from the event attached below! 


An improtant part of project implementation is communicating the outputs and deliverables of project work to different stakeholders and target groups, to make the project "visible" and project results heard among other people than project team and project partners.

Two main ways BaltActHaz team assures the visibility of project and dissemination of deliverables are:
1. communicating with stakeholders through different events, seminars, trainings
2. communicating through different media channels to reach a wider audience

NGO Baltic Environmental Forum in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania, together with other project partners have been actively communicating with different stakeholders and networking with other projects. This means participating at different events, seminars, trainings (local and international). As visibility and dissemination activities the project team distributes project flyers, postcards and other information materials and the interest in these materiasl has always been high. When possible or asked, the project team contributes to events and seminars with a presentation about the BaltActHaz project, the results and future outputs. 


Date: 24 - 25 October 2011
Place: Hotel Lielupe, Jurmala, Latvia
Participants: project partners & advisory board
In the frame of the project – Baltic Actions for Reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances (BaltActHaz) we kindly invite you to the 6th Partners & 3rd Advisory Board meeting.
It will take place in Latvia, Jurmala, Hotel Lielupe, on 24th (start at 14.00) till 25th (end at 13.00) of October 2011. Address of the Hotel Lielupe: Bulduru Avenue 64/68 Jurmala, LV-2010 Latvia.

Topics of the meeting will be: implementation of the project, project administration issues and general work plan.

Find the invitation for the meeting, practical information, map, registration form and agenda below:


National info days for industries, permitting authorities and WWTPs will be held in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to introduce the issue of hazardous substances to the water environment.

The aim is to introduce the legislative reguirements and the EU hazard concept, present project results of the screening of hazardous substances and give information about the upcoming guidance document which is meant to provide assistance when compiling or checking environmental permits.

Info days will be held in national languages in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In Estonia the dates are as follows:
20.09.11 Tallinn (agenda, registration form)
29.09.11 Jõhvi (agenda, registration form)
30.09.11 Tartu (agenda, registration form)

In Lithuania the dates are as follows:
18.10.11 Vilnius
19.10.11 Kaunas
20.10.11 Klaipeda



Project team has elaborated a brochure for the general public which illustrates the complicated issue related to hazardous substances which surround us every day in our living environment.
The brochure introduces to the general public the problems with the following examples: Phataltes, Perflourinated compounds, Polybrominated diphenylethers, Organotin substances, etc.

The brochure includes:
- general introduction to the topic
- most common problems with hazardous substances
- practical tips how to avoid the use and contact with hazardous substances

The brochure Million reasons to know about hazardous substances is available for download in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and English languages. And will also be printed and distributed to the target group using different measures and dissemination tools.


Date: 25th - 26th May 2011
Place: premises of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
Participants: representatives from all 27 EU Member States, NGOs, experts, etc.

In frame of the BaltActHaz project which is  is co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community, the representatives of NGO Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia attended the LIFE Conference in Brussels.


BaltActHaz project team has elaborated a new brochure "Chemical & Environmental legislation: REACH, IPPC, WHF. The interactions beyond". The aim of this brochure is to support the Baltic States in the implementation of the EU Water Framework DIrective, the IPPC Directive, the Marine Directive and the new HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan with regard to reduction of hazardous substances.

The target group of the brochure is mainly the national competent authorities and regional authorities of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia who are responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the above mentioned policies.

This brochure focuses on the following key issues:
・introduction to the background of different legal frameworks in order to understand their concepts as much as it concerns the management of hazardous substances;
・ main interactions between the chemical and specific environmental legal frameworks;


It is very essential to raise public awareness about hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea due to different reasons:
·The ecosystem of the Baltic Sea is very unique and highly sensitive to pollution;
·  The Baltic Sea has a very specific geographical and hydromorphological conditions;
·  Hazardous substances once released into the Baltic Sea can be very toxic, bio-accumulative and persistent;
·  The fact that wherever you would discharge wastewater or pollute the land in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, the pollution would reach the Baltic sea – all Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian rivers flow into each other and finally reach the Baltic sea;
· The Water Framework Directive (WFD, article 14), and other European Union regulations country authorities have the obligation for public awareness.


Date: 12 - 13 April 2011
Place: Riga, Tallink Hotel
Participants: Project partners, stakeholders

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Date: 23 - 24 March 2011
Place: Hotel Avalon, Riga, Latvia
Participants: representatives from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian State Institutions

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In the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 a block of trainings for different stakeholders is foreseen and will be carried out by the project team in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


4th project partners meeting was held in Tallinn, 3 - 4 November 2010. This time the partners meeting was held together with project Advisory Board. Report and presentations from the event are available for download in the download area.
Also 4th project monitoring board meeting took place back-to-back with the partners meeting to discuss project implementation and plan further steps.


Date: 4 - 5 November 2010
Place: Hotel Euroopa, Paadi 5,Tallinn, Estonia
Participants: project partners and project advisory committee

4th partners & advisory board meeting will take place in Tallinn, 4-5 November 2010.
The topics of the meeting will be to give an overview of project implementation and activities since last meeting, discuss overall project management and financial issues, plan detailed actions for next half year.

Please find below the agenda of the meeting, practical information and registration form which we kindly ask you to send to by 25th October. 


Date: 3 - 4 November2010
Place: Hotel Euroopa, Paadi 5, Tallinn, Estonia
Participants: project monitoring team

4th project monitoring meeting will be held in Tallinn before partners meeting. Action leaders will discuss the implementation of their workpackage, time lines, problems encountered and present overall feedback to project team.
The meeting will be held before the partners meeting.  


29 - 30 September 2010 project partners and relevant stakeholders from the Baltic States visit the Finnish Environmental Institute & European Chemicals Agency.

The aim of the visit is to:


In frame of BaltActHaz project at least 12 notice boards were foreseen to be set up at places accessible for the public bearing information about hazardous substances in the water environment. List of locations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can be found Google Maps.  Clik on the map below to see the locations in Google Maps. The information will be updated during summer and will include photos of all notice boards at each location.


Project has produced a leaflet on substitution of hazardous substances.
- what means substitution?
- why and what to substitute?

- where to start?



Workshop on the Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals was held in Riga, 29-21 May 2010. Please find the presentations and report available for download in the download area of the homepage.


In frame of the BaltActHaz project Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have produced and are setting up notice boards. The notice boards are targeted for the general public and contain information about hazardous substances and their risks to the environment, especially from the point of view of in the Baltic Sea. The notice boards will be set up at different locations easily accessible for the public and are produced in the languages of the three Baltic States.

For further information about the notice boards please contact the the Baltic Environmental Forum country offices.



Date: 19th - 21th May 2010
Place: Riga, "Tallink Hotel Riga"
Participants: project partners, stakehoders from relevant authorities, additional industrial enterprises

Aim of the workshop – to give the overview of substitution (general principles, requirements and tools) and to introduce the options for substitution (practical examples and advice, suitable alternatives for substitution of hazardous substances with less hazardous ones or changing the process technology).



The dialogue seminar with stakeholders from the EU and the Russian federation took place in St.Petersburg, 28-29 April 2010 with 43 participants alltogether. Please find the presentations and report from the event available for download in the download area of the homepage.




Date: 28th - 29th April 2010
Place: Russia, St.Petersburg, Hotel Natali

A Dialog seminar with Stakeholders from the European Union and the Russian Federation
Aim: to inform Russian stakeholders about European Union requirements in frame of chemicals management, in particular REACH, and elaborate dialogue between EU countries and Russia to improve the exchange of information on this subject between interested stakeholders.




3rd partners meeting was held in Riga, 22-23 Febuary 2010. Report and presentations from the event available for download in the download area. With the 3rd partners meeting the project team also held the 3rd BaltActHaz project monitoring board meeting to discuss the progress of project implementation and plan further steps.



Date: 22th - 23th February 2010
Place: Riga, Hotel Europa Royale
Participants: Project partners

Topics of the meeting:

- Overview about project general implementation
- Project administration issues
- Implementation of the actions
- Planning of work plan

Please find below the agenda for the meeting and registration form , which we are kindly ask You to send to BEF Estonia office ( or by fax +372 6 597 027) by 12 February, 2010. 


In the first weeks of February 2010 Baltic Environmental Forum organizes Journalist Round Table under the Project „ Baltic Actions for Reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances”. It takes place in all three Baltic States with the participation of the members from the project team and the representatives from different national media. 

Estonia: 10th Febuary
Latvia: 10th Febuary
Lithuania: 5th Febuary


Date: 26 November 2009
Place: Riga, Latvia

26th November 2009 will take place a Baltic Expert meeting on developing the permitting guideline.
Please find draft agenda below:



1st advisory committee meeting was held in Tallinn 2-3 November 2009. The goal of the meeting was to introduce the project and highlight project actions in detail, get advice for successful project implementation for some challenges, agree on issues and procedures, where the advisors input will be necessary, backstop the project with policy implementation needs in the Baltic States.



2nd partners meeting was held 7 - 8 September 2009 in Riga. Report and presentations from the event available for download in the download area.



The 2nd project monitoring meeting was held back-to-back with the 2nd partners meeting in Riga. The goal of the meeting was to discuss project progress and implementation, give feedback and plan further activities.


Topics of the meeting
-Planning of Hazardous substances Screening exercises in Estonia and Latvia
-Subcontracting of laboratories – requirements and criteria
-Source control of priority substances in Europe (overview on the project SOCOPSE)
-Identification of hazardous substances sources

Please find below preliminary programme of the meeting and registration form, which we are kindly asking to send to BEF Lithuania office ( or by fax +370 5 2135068) by 25 August 2009.

Technical information on the place, travel and accommodation will come later by the end of August.



Date: 7 - 8 September 2009
Place: Riga, Latvia
Target Group:

Will take place in Latvia, Riga, Hotel AVALON, Kaleju Str 70 (by car 13.Janvara str. 19), Riga, Latvia
7th - 8th September 2009


The seminar will take place in Hotel "Lielupe", Bulduru prospect 64-68, Bulduri, jurmala (
Please find below more detailed technical information about the seminar, agenda and registration form which we kindly ask You to fill in and send back to BEF Estonia office ( or fax +372 6 597 027 by 25 May, 2009.


Technical information for partners.pdf

Registration Form.doc


Date: 16 - 17 April 2009
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Target Group:

Meeting will take place 16-17 April in Vilnius, Hotel "Centrum Uniquestay" (Address: Vytenio str. 9/25, LT-03113 Vilnius, Lithuania).
16th of April, Session 1, starts with the overview of hazardous substances screening exercise in Lithuania and in Finland. Findings, choice of sampling sites, substances and matrixes will be discussed as well as the further use of the results of screening. Setting task for the working groups and planning of hazardous substances screening in Estonia and Latvia will take place.


1st project monitoring board meeting was held 6 Febuary 2009 in Riga. The project action leaders met to dicuss the roles and involvement of team members in implementing actions, dicuss project progress, timeplanning and management issues.



BaltActHaz first partners meeting held in Riga 4 - 5 Febuary 2009 in Riga. Report and presentations from the event available for download in the download area.
We kindly thank all project partners for active participation and wish a successful cooperation.



Date: 4 - 5 Febuary
Place: Riga, Latvia
Target Group: Project partners

The meeting will take place 4 - 5 Febuary in Riga, Hotel "Burninieks". Project partners will meet and start discussing and planning project activities. Introduction to the project and project partners, discussing administrative obligations, roles and responsibilities.

Kertu-Kirit Sild
Project Manager
Tel.: +372 6597 028
Fax: +372 6597 027

Valters Toropovs
Country Coordinator
Tel.: +371 6735 7546
Fax: +371 6750 7071

Justė Buzelytė
Country Coordinator
Tel.: +370 5213 8155
Fax: +370 5213 5068

The project “Baltic Actions for the reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances” (BaltActHaz) is co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community /Project nr. LIFE07 ENV EE 000122/.